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lessons policy

Vivian Bergova Flute Studio Lessons Policy

Please read carefully!
Contact information: Vivian Bergova, M.A, 862 Candlelight pl., La Jolla CA, 92037
Tel: (619)788-9301 Email: Website:


     Annual Registration Fee: $35, would be applied annually in Aug/Sep (for renew students) or at the very first month of enrollment (new students) to cover general scheduling, photocopies and miscellaneous study materials.
Lesson Rates: Please call Vivian
     General Tuition policy: Students will be billed for each week of the month -- this means 4 or 5 lessons per month, depending on the number of weeks in the month. Monthly tuition and any applicable fees are pre-paid in full at the beginning of each month, and are considered late after the 5th of each month.
     Late fees ($15) will be incurred for late payment. There will be NO proration of fees! As a professional courtesy, please allow at least ONE MONTH notice if you decide to discontinue lessons with us.
     Recital fees and Other Projected fees: There will be multiple recitals scheduled year round, exact dates TBA depending on schedule and facility availability. Corresponding recital fees would be billed the month before. Students who participate in extra events such as different music Festivals, Certificate of Merit, and/or competitions are responsible for applicable additional costs for event applications, sheet music, extra study materials and piano accompaniment fees.
     Piano Accompaniment: Piano accompaniment will be provided for recitals and master classes (included in recital/activity fee), but not for rehearsals or for special events. Students should expect to pay piano accompanist when accompanist is required for corresponding events.
     Certificate of Merit and/or other Music Development Program: Student’s music achievements and recognition are always our top priorities -- we are working hard continuously to bring in different kinds of official recognition programs to our curriculum, such as “Certificate of Merit” and “Music Development Program”, which would be recognized state-wise, nation-wise or even world-wise. Due to
the significant time & effort to handle those programs, please expect extra administration fees from our studio, besides program registration fees required by corresponding official branch. Further information would be available once each year’s programs are finalized. Stay tuned.


Email is my preferred form of communication, although phone contact is fine for emergency. Please make sure to provide a working email that you regularly check, as a lot of information, critical dates and times etc. will be sent out via email. Students 14 and up would be held responsible for responding to announcements and emails though parent supervision is always highly recommended. Parent/Guardian
should be responsible for checking and responding emails for younger students.


     Officially there will be no makeup lessons EXCEPT for family emergencies and sudden illnesses which MUST be communicated with me NO LATER THAN 11am on the scheduled lesson day. Under such situation (illness /emergencies with notice no later than 11am), make-up lesson could be scheduled within one month of the missed lesson at my home studio. Lessons not being rescheduled within onemonth-period will be cancelled. For any late notice, since there will be really hard to schedule your slot to other students on that day, tuition has to be charged and there will be no make-up for it.
     Make-ups will be scheduled if the teacher cancels or misses lessons.


Your flute shall be in good working order. I recommend it be serviced at least 1-2 times per year. You are responsible for maintaining your instrument and knowing how to properly take care of it. Please secure a loaner during the time your instrument is in for repair.

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